Date: 12/24/17 5:33 pm
From: Susan Schaezler <susan...>
Subject: [texbirds] 12-24-17 Golden-Crowned Sparrow +55 species @ Warbler Woods Bird Sanctuary
55 species today and exciting guests all over and everyone had a very cooperative Golden-Crowned Sparrow that came out multiple, long visits today + 4 Z’s. Also excited by the Barred Owl that flew from a tree near the gate when we returned from lunch!

We don’t have family plans for tomorrow, so if you can get permission from me via email, we are allowing visitors tomorrow. Please don’t be like one person that drove here to discover a locked gate—I return calls, but don’t answer. That person was rather rude, but I think I do post my web link everywhere with visiting instructions on the webpage, etc. the gate code has been changed and will be in communication to you. You can also follow the link on my signature line to see what has been seen, with rarities being withheld until approved. Hutton’s Vireo seen today and photographed.

to visit:

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