Date: 12/24/17 4:32 pm
From: Spike Selig <spikeselig...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] 11 Fish Crows next to Eagle Creek Night befoere Christmas
If you get off 465 on the West side of Indianapolis onto Eastbound 38th St. You will come to the 3rd light where if you turn North, the road winds around to the East and crosses the North side of the Huge Meyer super store. The late fall crows liked to hand around the alley that runs behind the frontage stores of 38th st.  The last Fish Crow I found before the Christmas count was a single bird in the Target parking lot just West of the interstate on 38th St.I spent some time each day checking for the Fish Crow  in these parking lot areas all week with no luck.On the morning of the count, Dec. 17, I heard 2 short Gaah calls in the housing just E of Hobie Beach.Not enough to document, unless I could find them after the count date. I think I can document them now that I can prove they were in the area only 7 days after the count and 7 days deeper into winterToday, after the EC Sunday bird walk, I went East of The interstate on 38th St. past the abandoned restaurant shaped like a side-wheeler steam boat At the next light, I turned north and drove a block to the bridge crossing a creek. Crows had been coming into this alley area because one of the 38th  St restaurants had been overfilling their large trash bens behind their business.  About 40 crows were scolding and making their "cottering" calls as they harassed what turned out to be a Cooper's Hawk. Two Crows were making repeated rapidly  "graaah" calls. I taped the call and videoed the two. They were Fish Crows..The crows moved East  and started feeding.  They were still scolding and some were giving the Graah Call. Most left when I got out of the car, but a tree contained ten Fish Crows and a Cooper's Hawk.The Fish Crows moved to another tree and by the time I got near the tree, all but 5 had left. I got videos of the birds flying showing the tapered tips of the wings with the outer primaries swept rearward, and the wings beats deep, the ends of the wings pointing down at the end of the stroke.  There were eight or more crows feeding with the American Crows on the ground.  Their stooped posture made it easy to separate them from the Americans which were strutting round like they were on stilts, their heads bobbing forward and backward.I will go back and work on identification of more birds to make a total which I believe will be the same 11 that have been in area for spring summer and fall. If you want to find the crows keep your eyes open for the large number in this small area.I believe the farthest N the Fish Crow was reported on Christmas Count was in Kentucky. Last year, I found it in the 5 days after the EC count.I will post video with audio tomorrow.I think the crows gave me a Christmas count for Christmas. I have learned to love them.


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