Date: 12/24/17 1:21 pm
From: Paul Griffin <pgriffin1...>
Subject: Odd bird at my feeders.
Hi Folks,

I looked out my kitchen window this morning to see a small green bird with a light yellow belly. I first thought, I have a Kinglet at my feeder. But, looking closer it was a Orange-crowned Warbler. It appeared to be eating millet. It brought back memories of many years ago, at the same time of year and under the same conditions, way below freezing, I identified my very first Warbler. At the time I knew nothing about Warblers, and I misidentified the Orange-crowned as a Virginia. I stirred up a few of my experienced bird watching friends, when I told them I had a Virginia warbler at my feeders. They suggested I look a little closer and get a picture, if I could. I got the picture and of course it was a Orange-crowned. It was a good lesson to be learned, because it taught me, if you are going to claim you saw a certain bird species, particularly a unusual one, HAVE A PICTURE TO BACK YOU UP!!. Ever since then, that is what I generally do. Oddly, I have identified 35 warbler species in nearby Oak Park, I have pictures to back me up, but, I have never seen a Virginia Warbler.

I see Orange-crowned Warblers most winters, here in Wichita. They seem to hang out with the Ruby-crowned Kinglets. Oak Park is a good spot, also adjacent River Side Park. They like the evergreens like the Kinglets do, they generally eat bugs, but when it is necessary, small seeds. The Yellow-rumped Warblers do a similar thing, and like Orange-crowned can be found in Wichita in the winter, if you look hard enough.

Happy Birding,

Paul Griffin, Wichita
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