Date: 12/24/17 12:30 pm
From: Cathy DiSalvo <cedisalvo1...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Fork tailed flycatcher
To any of you who may try seeing the fork tailed flycatcher outside of New
Orleans .....It is still along Hwy 39 in Braithwaite but today not so easy
to find. Thanks to Joelle Finley, Ken Harris and Willie Matthews who were
on the spot along the road to direct, us we may still be looking for the
bird. For those of you GPS coordinate challenged as I, it was located on
the south side of the road (opposite levee) .6 miles (coming from Poydras)
from the ferry landing where hwy 3137 intersects with hwy 39. There is
a field with a center strip of mowed grass bordered by a short grass with
small fields of brown dried reeds behind it. there are a few dump trucks
on the side and a sump pump close to the street with a place to pull off.
The fork tailed and 1 scissor -tailed flycatcher were seen in the short
grass about 200-300 yds away. A scope would be helpful . we scanned the
fields for 75 minutes before we saw both birds in the short grass perched
on a stick 1-2 from the ground. The birds never perched on the overhead
wired while we were there. Good luck and A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a VERY
BIRDY New Year to you ALL.
Cathy and Phil

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