Date: 12/23/17 11:13 pm
From: Jacob Saucier <saucerrottei...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Southwest Parishes: Harris’s Hawk/Couch’s Kingbird/Yellow-headed Blackbird/Cinnamon Teal

I took a jaunt to some trusty old spots in the southwestern parishes
yesterday (Sat. 23 Dec). Started the day at the Welsh landfill. No luck
resighting the White-tailed Hawks found by Mike Musumeche the day before,
but I was able to find the HARRIS’S HAWK continuing at this location. An
overcast morning made for terrible lighting conditions so my documentation
shots are pretty lousy (photos in list).

At my next stop in Bell City I was able to confirm the continued presence
of the stakeout COUCH’S KINGBIRD on Rossignol Rd. The bird was hanging out
in the trees after the second/western bend in the S-curve. It eventually
flew overhead and east out of sight.

Heading south from here I came upon a large BHCO/RWBL flock on Pine Pasture
Road which produced several YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRDS (5male, 2female;
photos in list).

Stops at Oak Grove and Rutherford Beach were productive, but didn’t produce
anything especially noteworthy. I stopped and rode through the Pintail Loop
in Cameron Prairie NWR on the way back up and managed to pull out a male
CINNAMON TEAL at the last section of pools near the exit. He was paired
with a female, but I flushed the birds (woops) before I could get a better
view of the female; photos were inconclusive (photos in list).
Ended the day with a nice Peregrine Falcon perched on a utility post just
past Cameron Prairie on Hwy 27.

Good birding and Happy Christmas Eve everyone! I've missed y'all!

Jacob Saucier
(currently in town visiting family in Avoyelles)
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