Date: 12/23/17 5:10 pm
From: Matt Cahill <matt.c.cahill...>
Subject: [COBOL] Redpoll still around at dusk & Hatfield birds
Hi all,

The redpoll was still feeding, all alone, in and at the base of the alders
directly next to the dog park parking lot just upstream of the Columbia St.
bridge. I ran into the redpoll and a biking Courtney as well around 4:00.
We watched the little guy more-or-less for the next 20 minutes.

Earlier in the afternoon I was up at Hatfield where, perhaps thanks to the
second pond being frozen over, the duck diversity was satisfying. 10
redheads and 1 canvasback joined the other expected species. A flock of 20+
dunlin made a brief circumpond appearance before flying off southwest. A
few stray pipits were flitting around the south shore.

And there were merlins every where I went today. Literally. Every bird
stop, there was a merlin.

Good birding,
Matt Cahill

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