Date: 12/23/17 5:10 pm
From: RoserComeau <rosercomeau...> [slocobirding] <slocobirding-noreply...>
Subject: [slocobirding] Shearwaters
From 2:40 to 3:00 this afternoon a non-stop stream of Shearwaters was observed heading downcoast off Harmony Headlands.  They were already streaming by as we arrived and the stream was still passing when we left.  Much of the time there were at least 100 per minute going by - sometimes significantly more.  In total many thousands.  Only had binoculars looking at the backlit stream and couldn't ID any to species, but there were certainly a lot of white breasts/bellies and some white could be seen under wings.  Never got details of any wings and couldn't positively make out any tails/heads.  In general seemed smallish with fairly fast wingbeats, but don't hold me to it...
At mid-day two Harlequin Ducks (male and female) were foraging offshore from the fig tree parking area at Estero Bluffs.
John Roser, Carol ComeauLos Osos
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