Date: 12/23/17 3:23 pm
From: Jay Miller <arizonajay23...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] CEAZ: Miller House of Mesa - Ruddy Ground-Dove continues, 12-23.
The little Ruddy Ground-Dove has been very popular, day 34 now.

Just a few minutes ago I was treated to some great interaction. There were a few Gamble's Quail under the feeder and a couple of the females had tempers going after being chased off a few times. The Ruddy escaped once and I got a couple high speed shots trying to freeze wings and tail. Then two quail attacked a group of doves. One caught the Ruddy in air, seized it by the tail, brought it to the ground and held on for a ways before releasing the dove apparently unharmed, tail still together! Hope he learned something! Those Quail are amazingly fast. My photos were great..... for me.

Hope this bird stays through Feb. and more!

Good Birding!!

Jay Miller
Mesa, Az
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