Date: 12/23/17 11:54 am
From: Mike <gardenbug99...>
Subject: [COBOL] Redmond CBC Summary
First, thanks to all who participated and made this a fun and productive count day. I delivered on my promise for no snow, though it was touch and go for a spell overnight. Had really good weather with little wind and some sun.

We had 21 participants including 6 hikers who combined did the whole section of the Deschutes from Warm Springs to Trout Creek Camp Ground.

This is the ninth year that Wednesday Birders have done the count. Kimdel Owen was the originator of the count

We tallied 82 species. The average for nine years is 78. Highest was 85 in 2012.

The total bird count of 14,334 is the second lowest on record. The highest was 20,471, in 2011.

We added four new species, Barn Owl, Tundra Swan, Bewick’s Wren and Barn Swallow. Chuck Gates reports that this is only the second sighting of a Barn Swallow in December in Central Oregon. There was also one in Wheeler County.

Says Phoebe and Common Redpoll were seen for the second time. Most of the participants were able to see the Redpoll and it was a life bird for some.

Canada Goose totals (5279) were second highest total (5469 in 2016.)

Wood Duck was second ever, (2009)

California Quail was all time low of 84.

Great Blue Heron (6) was all time low.

Northern Harrier was lowest ever (8) and trending down since a high of 41, in 2010.

First year ever of not seeing a Coot. Does David Vick count as an old Coot? The Wild Wings Station was a great place for the countdown. The exception being all of David's former students. They were a little loud and when David admonished them to quiet down they politely reminded him to turn down his hearing aid.

Song Sparrow (124) doubles our highest count (64 in 2012)

Only second year for seeing a Fox Sparrow (1 in 2010)

Reminder: The Redmond CBC is January 3, and we still have a few spots open. More on this in a separate post.

Mike Golden
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