Date: 12/23/17 8:21 am
From: Tom SHANE <tom.shane...>
Subject: ADMIN: my confusion
It is early and my head is foggy making it difficult to sort out the content of the post. It is certainly humorous that a post on restricting abbreviations starts out with one. Indeed it shows that all of us are addicted to the little rascals.
I see a major change. Previously it was legal to use an abbreviation if it was spelled out elsewhere in the post. Has that gone away?
Several posts today, prior to the ADMIN post, possibly presented a dilemma or two. The species and county were spelled out in the title, but the post opened as, "It was there until about ........" never mentioning the species or county again in the text. Wouldn't it be far more informative if that post opened with the species alpha code rather than just it?
What does the archives cue in on, title only? If that is the case and I want someone to find my post I had better get most of my information on the subject line. Another person used Pott Co, which I had no trouble with. Birders for years talked about Pott one and Pott two.
Likewise the two digit alpha codes for the Kansas counties should stand alone. That is part of our heritage. The state was going to remove them from our license plates a few decades ago, oh my, I had never seen such an uprising from the masses. We still have them ! It is just part of being a Kansan.
The same is to be said for the 4 digit alpha codes for birds. They are part of birding, the system is a GREAT tool, start learning the common species. The new 7th edition of the National Geographic Society bird guide now has them. Heck, Birds of Kansas, also known as Big Blue or TEGOPSY 2011, has them. When I started birding in the sixties every bird had an AOU number. These dated back to the 19th Century. The checklist committee had painted themselves into a corner by the publishing date of 1983, so they just dropped them in that edition. Seven PhDs could not solve the problem of their numbering system not adapting to their ever changing evolutionary tree.
So what I and maybe a few other would like to know; where do you put the keywords of a post so other people will find our information. Do the archives pick keywords out of the Subject line only or the text also?
Wow ...... I had better go make another cup of tea, the fog is not gone. My doctor won't let me have coffee, it gets me too excited. ;-)
Thomas G Shane
Garden City

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