Date: 12/22/17 6:27 pm
From: janine robin <janinerobin1982...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Fork-tailed flycatcher continuing in Plaquemines parish(east bank)
Good evening,
I drove down to the location of yesterday's sighting to get a look at the
FTFL. It was first seen by Jennifer and Tom Coulson and Christie Riehl.
Using Christie's directions and co-ordinates, the location was easily
found. Marybeth Lima and Lynn Hathaway were already there when I arrived.
Also Lewis Cartee arrived shortly after me.
The birds came in from the river side of the hwy and flew into the tall,
bare trees. There were Western kingbirds, Scissor-tailed flycathcers and
the beautiful Fork-tailed flycathcer. From the trees, they perched above us
on the Utility wires.
Below is a link to my list with photos. If you click on "map" on the
checklist, it will show you exactly how to get to the location.
Merry Christmas!
Janine Robin
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