Date: 12/22/17 5:36 pm
From: <mitch...>
Subject: [texbirds] Re: 4 Zonotrichia daily @ Warbler Woods Bird Sanctuary, Cibolo/Schertz
Hi Susan and all,

Some of the lack of response may be because in some areas
it really is not that big of a deal to see the 4 regular Zons
in one place. Here in Texas it is harder to do.

I would not have bothered commenting but for the inference
about the degree of rarity of this being greater than reality.
Winter in CA, the four zons somewhere is often easy, it
probably happens annually. There, all you need is the
Harris's really. Or however you want to spell that now.

I have had 4 Zons at a site a number of times in California.
I have had four Zons *at once* multiple times there.
In L.A., in Orange Co., on my window feeder in Jan. 1973
in Big Pine, Inyo Co. I suspect most long term CA birders
have had 4 zons at a spot more than once.

Here it is much harder, you need the Golden-crowned which
is far far rarer than a Harris's in California.

Mitch Heindel


Where now 24 Red Crossbill are moving up and down the
river habitat corridor, but are so far for me, unlocatable
'on the ground'. I have heard first and then seen the
flock fly around or go by three times this week.
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