Date: 12/22/17 4:22 pm
From: Charles Gates <cgates326...>
Subject: [COBOL] Central Oregon Winter Black Phoebes
I'm commenting on Mark's Black Phoebe remarks below.  Black Phoebe is
rare at any time of year.  There are fewer than 15 records of this
species in Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson combined.  As for winter
records, there is one record of 2 birds in Warm Springs during December
1967, one in January 1980 and one in December of 1983.  None of these
records were confirmed so they exist as "possible" sightings.  There are
no other winter records for this species but one bird in November of
2011 was very close to a winter record (winter records are Dec, Jan,
Feb).  The Billy Chinook record is about 3 weeks later than the 2011 record.

On 12/22/2017 4:03 PM, M Gonzalez wrote:
> Greetings COBOLers,
> I did a little birding in Jefferson County today, including a stop to the boat ramp (Crooked River Day Use Area) at Billy Chinook Reservoir.
> I found a couple Greater Scaup on the water and heard the high single call note of the Black Phoebe coming from a juniper behind me. I eventually got my binos on the bird briefly. It flushed, gave it's call note again, and I got a second look before it split. Both times I heard and saw the bird, it was north of the restrooms.
> I checked eBird and saw that this bird is usually observed in late Sept. to mid-October in central Oregon. I did not see any November or December records for this bird in eBird. This is a bird that I routinely see in the riparian areas of Arizona and New Mexico during my regular trips to these states. My colleagues in the San Pedro National Riparian Conservation Area call the Black Phoebe the "River Guardian" because of its affinity for water. Call note is quite distinct.
> Good birding,
> Mark

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