Date: 12/22/17 2:43 pm
From: Suzanne Coleman <isooz...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Lake glenview, Skokie Lagoons, YESTERDAY 12/21
hi all,
I didn't get to post, nothing exciting, but for locals interested:
a little open water off the picnic area towards the bridge, a few mallards and one hooded merganser, 4 probable herring gulls
32ish red-breasted mergansers in their usual spot in the middlish of the lakec geese, bunchesone beautiful immature (ok I did post this!) red-tailed hawk using small trees to hunt from, an unusual sighting in my experience, he was quite cuteone sparrow-like chirp, none seenmourning doves 3
did not see the shrikemallards

the rb mergs were doing several flights around which is cool to see, they did this last year too (near sunset)

Stay warm, merry xmas everyone, hope you enjoy the time :)  The days start to get brighter again now!

Suzanne Colemancook co12/22/17

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