Date: 12/22/17 12:16 pm
From: Abbott Schindler <abbott.sch...>
Subject: [COBOL] Emperor goose (and friends)
Sorry for not posting yesterday. I was at the Emperor site when Kim
arrived. This is also my first post to COBOL...

I spent more than two hours watching the Emperor goose and its clan.
Kim's already posted the morning info.

I returned and watched them 2-3pm (I'm a photographer and the light was
beautiful). They flew from the field on Tekampe to the pond on Sholes
that goes with the second house in from Tekampe. This is the pond that
seems to always have a flock of mallards, and is a bit closer to the
road than the house at the corner of Tekampe and Sholes.

Watching for the couple of hours:

There were two flocks of about 30 geese each: one of only Canada geese
in the field east of the Mormon church. The other had the Emperor,
Greater white-fronted, and Canadas (I don't know a cackler from a Canada).

In the morning, the "interesting" flock stayed on the field along
Tekampe, north of the house. They traveled around the periphery, and
were not visible from the road when they were at the back of the field.

In the afternoon, they flew from the NE corner of the field to the "duck
pond" and stayed there for an hour, until another onlooker approached
the fence and apparently startled them.

Morning: a juvenile bald eagle flew overhead and the flock froze.
Afternoon: a gorgeous adult bald eagle flew over, but the birds didn't
seem to mind as much despite the eagle flying fairly low.

Also saw several raptors hunting fast and low across the field along the
south side of Sholes, but couldn't ID (darn fast bird!).

Abbott Schindler
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