Date: 12/22/17 5:28 am
From: Susan Schaezler <susan...>
Subject: [texbirds] Holiday’s @ Warbler Woods Bird Sanctuary
Holiday’s @ Warbler Woods Bird Sanctuary
We will be around during the holidays wo Family plans, so visits to see the property are OK—just send in the contact form and if I don’t know you, briefly introduce ourself and in the body of your note, please put date and approximate time—I have to control parking and other challenges.

Golden-Crowned Sparrow continues
Marsh Wren and Fox Sparrow hang out at Scout Pond Dam
Woodcock seen
Hutton’s Vireo seen many places
Verdin & Pyrrhuloxia around
4 Z’s each day with the Golden-Crowned Sparrow
Harris’s Sparrow

Lots of good stuff!
to visit:

Get your requests in early, so that I have time to respond—some responses I send are getting into your junk file—look there if you haven’t heard from me

Please remember Warbler Woods Bird Sanctuary with your end of the year giving—we never have enough to cover expenses and will probably spend 18K for the shortfall this year. We are a 501(C)(3) and every dime goes into Warbler Woods Bird Sanctuary expenses and nothing towards us. We also pay a lot of labor costs to get things done and need more employees at $10/hr. Our special bird is helping with donations—we ha a huge crowd yesterday and had $33 donated, which helps our expenses—thank you!

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