Date: 12/21/17 7:49 pm
From: CK Franklin <meshoppen...>
Subject: Lonoke CBC Sunday
This is the second year I've done Section 4 which is the NW quadrant of the count circle. The territory includes the Anderson ponds north of US 70 & west of a line drawn along 70 & AR 89 extending out to the perimeter of the circle.

this section includes fish ponds, housing developments, wooded lots, and fields.

I missed the Remington Rd exit headed into Lonoke. Before picking up Vic Prislipski at McDonald's, I dropped down on 70 & ran back to Andersons to check on where the duck hunters were. Good thing we did as the fields west of Joe Hogan were covered up with acres of geese, mainly Snows. By the time we picked up Vic and returned, about 90% Snows had flown. We worked through Andersons ponds and went up the road to Petersons farms. The exciting highlight of the day came as we were stepping away from a fence row. It was that moment you realize the stick you are about to step on is a really big snake. Water. Snake. Oh ***********!!!! After equilibrium was restored, we determined the snake was one of the non-poisonous water variety and not a moccasin taking in the 40 degree temps.

After that we took a closer look along the back side of the golf course along 70. It was back there where we found the Harris Sparrow among a flock of White-Crowned Sparrows. Lots of other sparrows out there. We ended the day with 66 species. It was an interesting day.


Little Rock


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