Date: 12/20/17 7:46 pm
From: Kurt via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Summary of the North Alexandria Sector of DC CBC, 16 Dec 2017

I am a bit tardy on this summary note for the North Alexandria Subsector route for the recent DC CBC. We had a phenomenal count with 81 species tallied over a route along the Potomac R that covers the picnic area of Dyke Marsh, north along the GW Parkway to the Stone Bridge, Jones Point, some Alexandria waterfront sites, Dangerfield Island and the old National and Church Cemeteries. This route has a 63 species average (N=18, range=52-72) over 18 years (& 17 of which I have participated). A great uncommon and rare winter species tally coupled with a fine waterfowl show (16 duck species, nearly double the typical productivity) produced this new high count. New species added were Snow Goose and Brown Thrasher (prior species total = 120). Unusual species, as Marc Ribaudo previously reported, were Great Egret (Stone Bridge), Osprey (carrying fish, Dangerfield), Dunlin (Stone Bridge), Laughing Gull (Stone Bridge), Merlin (GC south of Stone Bridge), Peregrine (a pair at Wilson Br), Common Raven (a pair at the Patent Office Bldg area and later near the closed Potomac R power plant), at least two Orange-crowned Warblers (along parkway E and W sides south of Stone Bridge), Pine Warbler (with YRWA in picnic area), and Baltimore Oriole (E side of Parkway +/- from mile marker 8).

Other species somewhat difficult to find along the waterfront were: Greater Scaup, YB Sapsucker, Brown Creeper, Winter Wren, Hermit Thrush, Fox Sparrow, and Rusty Blackbird.

Overall, most of the passerines were at average numbers, give or take 20%, save for the following: Bufflehead count at new high, Northern Flicker at new high, and American Robin nearly at new low (also no Cedar Waxwings tallied, indicated desired fruit crop for this species in slim abundance).

Best of Luck on upcoming CBCs!

Lastly, (shameless plug) the Fort Belvoir CBC on 31 Dec still needs volunteers to cover holes along the Md sector side, e.g., Fort Washington south to Indian Head, plus the VA Side – please contact me if interested, even for half a day. Thank you.

Kurt Gaskill
Ft B compiler and chief dish washer

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