Date: 12/20/17 7:18 pm
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Subject: Re: [LABIRD-L] Mangrove Yellow Warbler Grand Isle

Christie re-found the "Mangrove" Yellow Warbler less than fifty feet from the first sighting at sunset today. Again, lighting and dense foliage made it impossible for us to obtain a photo.

This is an apparent adult male, a rich deep yellow warbler with a chestnut head. All three sightings were frustrating because after posing briefly in highly visible spots surrounded by branches that made auto-focusing impossible, it flew 40-50 feet deeper into the thicket and the trail went cold. We heard it give fairly typical YEWA "zeet" flight notes and Christie probably heard it give a typical YEWA sweet chip. It was skittish when pished and did not respond to various taped inducements--no response to screech owl, chickadee, pygmy-owl, mixed call tapes or YEWA sweet chip notes.

If you tale Ludwig Lane to the left-turning road just before the WLF Building, turn left towards the kayak launch, you will come to a right turn with a primitive road continuing straight. Park there and walk ahead. This is an area of mostly baccharis shrubs on fill in a black mangrove stand. The baccharis is dense, and the mangroves are quite tall. There are small mixed flocks of yellow-rumps, western palms and orange-crowned, with one of which flocks it may be associating.

As far as I know, this is the first representative of this form to be reported in Louisiana. A couple of pairs have nested in extreme South Texas.

Photos would be fantastic.

David Muth
New Orleans

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Christie Riehl and I have had several encounters with a male Mangrove Yellow Warbler on Grand Isle just west of WLF lab. It is dense mixed mangroves and Baccharis on the Jeep road that heads west from the kayak launch road. No photos obtained yet.

David Muth

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