Date: 12/20/17 6:44 pm
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Subject: IBET bird feeder & Pine siskin frenzy today Lake County
Hi Birding Friends;
I had a first at my feeder today with a visit of about 50 Pine Siskins. I've been hoping they would show up like CBG and sure enough they finally did! Yea! It was a grand visitation along with record numbers of feeder regulars. Seemed 3x-4x the normal amount of birds. I think the Pine Siskins dropped off holiday party invites along their route. No one species seemed to want to leave, all were hungry and activity lasted most of the day with the biggest occurrence in the morning. The fresh water bowls I filled up proved a success as well. All at once between 8-10am and simultaneously we had:
7 crows flybys announced and started the day
Dark eye Junco = 15 or so mostly feeding the ground seed
Male and 2 female Cardinals thru-out the day
Tree sparrow and house sparrows in record huge numbers all day long
Nut hatch and Red breasted nut hatch
American Gold finch ( Pine siskins outnumbered them today for sure)
Pigeons =2
Black cap chickadees - all day
Mourning dove
Blue jay
Downy woodpecker - in and out all day
Red bellied woodpecker - in and out all day
Flyby by 2 seagulls
one red flushed chested/red flushed head bird, I only got a 1 second look -2x. Never got him in the scope-darn!. He was very very skittish. so a purple finch? I don't know. I'm new to birding. I couldn't get a closer look because he preferred hiding in the bushes. Definitely not a cardinal. Any guesses?

At dusk caught the regular group of pigeons doing their really cool circling gps dance over the train station. Like clockwork they perform the circle dance every night!

The positive energy and song of the Pine siskins entering and leaving my yard thru-out the day was a great thrill for the holidays. I'll take it!

Thanks for all who share and post. I learn A LOT from the regular posters who share sightings so I can run out and learn my birds. I was able to spot the 3 Tundra swans and 1 juvenile at Independence Grove which was a fun outing as well thanks to who spotted them and shared on IBET

Happy Holidays and Happy Birding!
Margaret Morrissette; Lake County, Il

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