Date: 12/20/17 4:00 pm
From: Susan Schaezler <susan...>
Subject: [texbirds] 12-20-17 Golden-Crowned Sparrow @ Warbler Woods Bird Sanctuary
12-20-17 Golden-Crowned Sparrow @ Warbler Woods Bird Sanctuary
The Golden-Crowned Sparrow continued to please today and it is so much fun to see all our birding friends and meet some new ones! We had 3 from Canada that happened upon the excitement—so glad they visited too! Ron Weeks had an Egyptian Goose here! I love the Patagonia Effect! Craig Browning saw the bird last at 506 p.m. First visitors started arriving 7 a.m. Get your requests in early to make arrangement to visit—I have to get you through the gate. 4 Z’s often at the viewing area. Marsh Wren and Fox Sparrow too!

The Golden-Crowned Sparrow was discovered 10 days by Joel Williams and he twittered me the picture and info on the bird—I put it out in an ebird report to trigger the RBA and that brought 30 people in that morning, starting before sunup from that report at 8 p.m. Joel hadn’t ebirded it at the time and was all for sharing the info and I did acknowledge it was his bird! It is truly amazing how many have been able to enjoy the bird and it continues to be cooperative!

Joel told his friend, Alese Underwood with Spectrum News and she came today and did a story, which I have attached. You will see many of our favorite birders in the piece—thank you Alese for putting the story out!

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