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This is the Voice of the Naturalist, a service of the Audubon Naturalist
Society. This report covers the week starting Tuesday, December 12, and was
completed on Tuesday, December 19 about 11:00 a.m.

Information on noteworthy birds during this week is presented below in
taxonomic order, as set forth in the American Ornithologists' Union
Checklist for North and Middle American birds, as revised through the 57th
Supplement (July 2016).

As a result of Christmas Bird Count season beginning this past week a lot
more birders were in the field than usual and as a result there were a lot
of interesting sightings throughout the area.

in DE, MD, and VA, and HARRIS'S SPARROW in MD and VA.



Two first-winter KING EIDERS* were seen Dec 16 in Triadelphia Reservoir,
Howard Co, MD on Dec 16; they have not been seen since then.

The drake BARROW'S GOLDENEYE* at the Elm's Environmental Education Center,
St. Mary's Co, MD reappeared for its seventh winter on Dec 17 and was seen
again on the 18th. If looking for this bird you will need to use the
hunter's parking lot before the gate and walk about a mile to the bay and
then several hundred yards to the north.

SNOWY OWLS continued to be active in the area with sightings:
- In Delaware: A SNOWY OWL appeared at a variety of venues in Prime
Hook NWR, Sussex Co but primarily along Fowler Beach Rd, with sightings on
Dec 12, 15, 16, and 17. A SNOWY OWL was also seen Dec 16 at Cedar Creek
Marina, Sussex Co, VA.
- In Maryland: A continuing SNOWY OWL seen on top of an old hunting
blind next to Deer Creek in Harford Co, MD with sightings throughout the
week. A SNOWY OWL was in the OSV of Assateague Island National Seashore, MD
on Dec 15.
- In Virginia: The SNOWY OWL at Dulles Airport, Loudoun Co, VA
continued to be seen during the week. The SNOWY OWL in the Mount Crawford
area of Rockingham Co, VA was seen during the week from a variety of
different locations including near the McDonald's and the Walmart
Distribution Center though parking is not permitted on most of the roads
surrounding the latter facility.

The HARRIS'S SPARROW continued near the Anacostia River Trail, Prince
George's Co, MD with sightings Dec 12, 17, and 18. The HARRIS'S SPARROW in
Page Co VA, just north of the White House Boat Ramp, was seen again on Dec


SNOW GEESE turned up at several inland locations this past week. ROSS'S
number of locations this past week. A TRUMPETER SWAN, with P95 wing tags,
was seen at Lake Elkhorn, Howard Co, MD and the nearby Sewell's Orchard Pond
throughout the week.

A EURASIAN WIGEON was seen Dec 14 from the Observation Tower, Assawoman WMA,
Sussex Co, DE. A EURASIAN WIGEON was seen Dec 17 at Homestead Farm
(restricted access) and on the 17th and 18th at the Poplar Spring Animal
Sanctuary (private), Montgomery Co, MD; permission and directions can be
gotten to see the latter bird if you call ahead. A SURF SCOTER was seen Dec
15 at Lake Arrowhead, Page Co, VA. Two were seen the same day at Lake
Frederick, Frederick Co, VA. A LONG-TAILED DUCK was Centennial Lake, Howard
Co, MD on Dec 13. A LONG-TAILED DUCK was a nice sighting at Silver Lake
(Dayton) for the Rockingham Co (VA) CBC on Dec 16. Three LONG-TAILED DUCKS
were found at Dyke Marsh, Fairfax Co, VA during the DC CBC on Dec 16.

A RED-NECKED GREBE was seen Dec 12 at Riley's Lock, C&O Canal and on Dec 13
and 14 at Violette's Lock, C&O Canal both in Montgomery Co, MD.

Four SANDHILL CRANES were seen at Gunpowder Falls SP, Harford Co, MD on Dec
14. Two were seen Dec 16 at Algonkian Nature Preserve, Loudoun Co, VA and
two, perhaps the same ones, were also seen Dec 17 in a field opposite the
entrance to the Poolesville Golf Course, Montgomery Co, MD. Two SANDHILL
CRANES were seen Dec 17 along East Jack Jouette Rd, Green Springs NHLD,
Louisa Co, VA.

A PURPLE SANDPIPER was seen Dec 14 at Herrington Harbor, Anne Arundel Co,
MD; eight were seen Dec 17 at the Chesapeake Beach Marina, Calvert Co, MD.

The 1st cycle ICELAND GULL at the Annapolis Junction Recycle and Transfer
Station, Anne Arundel Co, MD was seen again on Dec 12 and 15. An ICELAND
GULL was at Wilde Lake, Howard Co, MD on Dec 12. An ICELAND GULL was at
Shearness Pond, Bombay Hook NWR, Kent Co, DE on Dec 17. There was also an
ICELAND GULL on Dec 16 at Lorely Beach Meadows, Baltimore Co, MD. The
BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKE at Stumpy Lake NA, Virginia Beach, VA continued to be
seen during the week. A BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKE was seen Dec 18 at 4305
Indian River Rd, Virginia Beach, VA.

A GREAT CORMORANT was seen Dec 17 at Cox Point Park, Baltimore Md.

An AMERICAN BITTERN was seen Dec 12 at the Kenilworth Park and Aquatic
Gardens, NE DC.

A ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK was seen Dec 12 at Fowler Beach, Prime Hook NWR, Sussex
Co, DE. A ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK was also seen flying over the golf course at
Elmer Derr Rd and South Renn Road, Frederick Co, MD on Dec 12. A GOLDEN
EAGLE flew over Copperville Rd near Easton, MD on Dec 17. A ROUGH-LEGGED
HAWK, observed by people searching for the Snowy Owl at Dulles Airport,
Loudoun Co, VA, was most recently seen Dec 18.

As many as three SHORT-EARED OWLS continued to be seen at the Konterra Dr
fields and ponds, Prince George's Co, MD with sightings on Dec 16; please do
not trespass at this location. A SHORT-EARED OWL was seen Dec 17 on Curles
Neck Farm (restricted access), Henrico Co, VA. Nine SHORT-EARED OWLS were
found Dec 17 on Bell's Ln, Staunton during the Augusta Co (VA) CBC. On Dec
17 three SHORT-EARED OWLS were seen in a field along East Jack Jouette Rd,
Louisa Co, VA. Two SHORT-EARED OWLS were seen Dec 17 at the Cedar Point WMA,
Charles Co, MD.

The LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE at the intersection of Burwells Bay Rd and Purvis Lane
in Isle of Wight Co, VA was seen again on Dec 12. One of the continuing
LOGGERHEAD SHRIKES was seen at the Smith Farm, Lunenburg County, VA Dec 13.
A LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE was seen Dec 16 in Rappahannock Co, VA; unfortunately
there is no place to pull over on the road nearest to where it was perched.
If you do try for this bird, the best thing to do is pull over on Aaron Mt
Rd and use a scope to look for the bird on the power line. The NORTHERN
SHRIKE at Sully Woodlands, Fairfax Co, VA continued with reported sightings
through Dec 16. A NORTHERN SHRIKE was found on private land in Westmoreland
Co, VA on Dec 17.

Late departing birds included a WHITE-EYED VIREO on Dec 16 at Fort Howard
Park, Baltimore Co, MD. BLUE-HEADED VIREOS turned up at a variety of
locations with on Dec 15 at Newtowne Neck SP, St. Mary's Co, MD; another was
seen Dec 17 in the Kingsmill Marina area of James City Co, VA; and another
BLUE-HEADED VIREO was at the York River SP, James City Co, VA on Dec 18.
BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHERS were seen in a variety of locations including at the
Hunting Creek Bridge, Fairfax Co, VA on Dec 14, 16, and 18.

Three LAPLAND LONGSPURS were seen Dec 17 at Layton Landing Rd and
Resolutions Rd, Leedstown, Westmoreland Co, VA.

A SNOW BUNTING was found Dec 16 in Mount Crawford, Rockingham Co, VA east of
Dry River during the CBC there. A CBC team found two SNOW BUNTINGS Dec 16 at
the far end of Northend Point at Grandview Nature Preserve, Hampton, VA.

A CLAY-COLORED SPARROW was seen throughout the week at the Laurel Hill
Equestrian Center, Fairfax Co, VA. A LARK SPARROW was found Dec 13 at a pond
along Meadow Creek Rd, Montgomery Co, VA. The LARK SPARROW at the National
Arboretum, NE DC, was seen again Dec 16 AND 18. A LE CONTE'S SPARROW was
found Dec 17 during the Seneca CBC at The Flag (private property) in Loudoun
Co, VA in almost the same location as it was found last year. The LE CONTE'S
SPARROW at the Princess Anne WMA, Beasley Tract, Virginia Beach, VA was seen
again Dec 17.

A YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT was seen Dec 17 at Sandy Point SP, Anne Arundel Co,

BALTIMORE ORIOLES turned up at a variety of locations throughout the area
during the week.

An OVENBIRD was seen and photographed Dec 17 in a backyard in Canton,
found Dec 16 at Ancarrow's Landing, Richmond, VA. A NASHVILLE WARBLER was
seen Dec 12 at Fort McHenry NM, Baltimore, MD. ORANGE-CROWNED and PINE
WARBLERS were seen at a number of locations throughout the area.

A PAINTED BUNTING was seen visiting a feeder on Dec 13, 14, and 18 at Bypass
Rd, York Co, VA. Another, visiting a feeder in Chesapeake, VA since Dec 3,
was reported again on Dec 13 and 17.

A sub-adult male DICKCISSEL was found Dec 17 on private property during the
Port Tobacco CBC at Allens Fresh, Charles Co, MD.

This week's report was based on reports on the DE, MD, VA, and WV list
servers, and eBird records.

The Audubon Sanctuary Shop (301-652-3606, is an
excellent source for guidebooks and many other nature-related titles.

To report bird sightings, e-mail your report to <voice...>
post reports before midnight Monday, identify the county as well as the
state, and include your name and a Tuesday morning contact, either e-mail or

Thank you for your interest, and enjoy the birds.

*Of interest to the applicable records committee

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