Date: 12/18/17 9:43 pm
From: Charles Gates <cgates326...>
Subject: Re: [COBOL] Sisters CBC numbers
Anyone know who found the Lewis's Woodpecker on the CBC?  Where they
found it?

On 12/18/2017 3:09 PM, Wicks, Teresa Olive wrote:
> Hello COBOLers!
> The 19th annual Sisters CBC was yesterday, December 17, 2017. There
> was no snow this year, so accessibility was definitely not an issue.
> The low was in the low 20s and the high was about 45 (according to my
> phone). We had 14 participants do their best to hit up all of the
> corners of our circle that we often can't get to.
> We found 72 species, which is just under average for our circle. There
> notably fewer Dark-eyed Juncos this year (our lowest ever). We had our
> largest number of Clark's Nutcrackers and White-headed Woodpeckers to
> date, and our second highest number of Pygmy Nuthatches.
> We had a Lewis's Woodpecker, a Marsh Wren, and a Northern Pintail
> (unusual species for our circle). We also had two firsts for the
> Sisters CBC, an *Anna's Hummingbird* (at a feeder) and a *Pine Grosbeak*.
> Count Week for the Sisters CBC runs from Dec 14-Dec 20. If you have
> lists, species you'd like to share, please send them my way.
> Happy Birding,
> Teresa 'Bird' Wicks
> PhD Candidate
> Environmental Science
> Oregon State University
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