Date: 12/18/17 11:15 am
From: Paul Hurtado <paul.j.hurtado...>
Subject: Purple Finch, Crissie Caughlin Park, Reno
Fred Petersen and I happened to both arrive at Crissie Caughlin to see if
the pair of White-throated Sparrows might still be around (we didn't find

From the foot bridge at the west end of the park, while we were watching a
mixed-species group of birds come down to the creek for a drink upstream of
the bridge, a female-type Purple Finch dropped down and gave brief but
clear views before disappearing.

The bird was typical: greenish hue to the upperparts, dirty pale
supercillium and malar with faint small streaking, no eye ring, bill not as
conical as Cassin's, and there was blurry streaking on the pale but
brownish underparts. Very fun to have seen the two birds at Rancho on
Saturday, the Carson City bird yesterday, and this bird today. I'll have to
see if I can keep up the streak and find one at my feeders tomorrow. ;)

If anyone goes looking, also check the various cranberry/crabapple/fruit
trees in the area. I briefly saw a male finch that was either a very
colorful House Finch or an adult male Purple Finch, but it flew before I
got a clear look at it.

Good birding,
Paul Hurtado
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