Date: 12/6/17 3:49 pm
From: Sally Hill <1sallyhill.9...>
Subject: [obol] Wild goose chase-Eugene

Linda Gilbert and I looked for the previously reported Ross’s Goose to no avail. We did not see any flocks of cacklers on the ground aside from the Lane Memorial Gardens cemetery. Cacklers were moving through the air but no white goose was among them.

We did have a fun day though with a sighting of a Say’s Phoebe on Purkerson Rd.

An adult Northern Shrike on Franklin Rd.

One juvenile Trumpeter Swan a two Tundra Swan on Milliron Rd.

On Bond Rd we saw an sub adult bald eagle that had a twine of some sort wrapped around it’s leg to which a large wing of a bird was attached. It was plucking the feathers off the wing and looked like it was trying to get the twine off its leg. A raven was trying to get the wing away from the eagle. Very strange.

Alan’s seeding is drawing huge numbers of crowned sparrows and a few song sparrows but no other sparrow species were observed.

We saw the smallest Sharp shinned hawk along Bond I think I have ever seen, it could not have been more than 9”, and very dark black on back and wings.
A beautiful day to be out birding.

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