Date: 12/6/17 2:35 pm
From: JAMES SPEICHER <jugornought...>
Subject: [MDBirding] C & O Count: Can it be revived?
I think the best chance for success long term is if another organization
will agree to sponsor it. At the moment, I and two others are working to
identify such an organization. Our thinking is that they might be
persuaded if the workload can be shared with MOS in general or, if not,
then with the three MOS chapters - MONT, FRED, WASH with an assist possibly
from PVAS of WVA - with actual C & O towpath mileage. The chapters would
at the very least need to agree to be the parties responsible for entering
count data into eBird for those counters unable to do so. It may also be
necessary for the chapters to accept the role of assigning counters to
towpath miles with the sponsoring organization primarily tasked with
drafting, organizing, distributing, and, finally, compiling eBird
mile-sharing e-documents as used in prior counts. Since there are so many
miles in Washington County, it might be best for the three chapters to
divvy up the towpath into 60 mile increments. Speaking unofficially for
the Washington County Bird Club, I would be prepared to tackle these chores
alone, if necessary, for the WashCo portion.

Shown below is an estimate of effort by Liz Pomper of DC Audubon [DCAS]
based on her recollections from a prior count:
Writing and Sending Initial Announcement/Securing *Permit...1-2 people-
approx 3-4 hours total
Responding to Mile Requests & Assigning Miles...1 person - approx 2-3
hours/week until count; DCAS rotated weeks among volunteers
Updating/sending instructions & sharing miles to participants through
eBird...1 person - 4 hours
Follow-up with participants to remind them to submit data...1 person - 1
Data entry...4 people - 3 hours each (12 total) - Best to find a half day
to meet together
Summarize data & send report to participants...1 person - 2 hours
The two most time consuming components are responding to folks as they
request miles, and then entering the data into eBird.
Liz has also offered to spend the time [appx 2 hours] to train/explain the
process used by DCAS in prior years, as well as transfer needed files.

Posting to MD/DC Birding Google Group seemed the most efficient way to get
the word out . Perhaps someone can repost to the Facebook portion of MD/DC
Birding to inform those who more often use that vehicle as I don't

If anyone knows the emails of the officers of the MONT/FRED MOS chapters,
please forward to them. They can respond to the Group, or to me off list.

This count is part and parcel of the Mid-Winter count, so would have a date
after mid-JAN to the first weekend in FEB, which offers adequate time for
it to come together.

Jim Speicher
BroadRun/Burkittsville area
[FR] Frederick County MD
M.O.S. member, Washington [WA] Co Chapter

*Leigh Zahm of NPS in a recent email indicated that a permit would not be
necessary for an activity I described to her as follows:
This bird survey activity would take place along the entire length of the
canal by small groups [1 to 4] of individuals who would be surveying up to
10 miles each on a day yet to be selected but most likely mid-Jan 2018.

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