Date: 12/6/17 2:13 pm
From: Daniel Farrar <jdanielfarrar...>
Subject: [obol] Lane coast Crossbills
While walking the dogs came across of flock of 20-25 chattering RED
CROSSBILLS in the dunes south of Florence and west of Woahink Lake. They
were feeding on a spruce crop in a mixed spruce/pine forest "island". The
flock had some odd sounding chatter (I thought it sounded sort of like a
typical Crossbill chup chup crossed with a Wrentit call). The flock flew
and at one point came overhead and one clearly had WHITE wing bars in
flight. They all appeared to be 1st year /female type birds. They flew
slightly south and then flew east to another patch of spruce where I lost
sight of them. Never saw them perched, but will keep on eye out.

Daniel Farrar
Dunes City, Oregon

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