Date: 12/6/17 12:04 pm
From: Jerry Zatorski <jerryzat...>
Subject: ESbirds: Short-eared Owl at Thibaut Ponds
Large owl, nice round head; round facial disk, buffy on side, white in
middle; beast white with dark vertical stripes, making it a male. In
flight the buffy carpal patches caught the sunlight flanked by the darker
area preceding the wing patch and the darker wing tips. First saw the
birds gliding just above the meadow and then it went to the ground. It
came up again and perched on a saltbush for about two minutes, giving me
excellent looks at the face, and beast; it then took flight again and went
down into the meadow again. The area has many acres of open meadow with a
few shrubs hear and there. Found the bird on the southern end of the
Thibaut Ponds management unit, not an easy place to get to and was part of
a 9 mile hike as part of an avian survey I was doing out there.

J. Zatorski


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