Date: 12/6/17 11:52 am
From: Dave Moffat <moffatfam...>
Subject: [wisb] Cranes on the move
We stopped by Goose Pond after a morning meeting in Poynette. There were
numerous swans, ducks and geese on the west pond all hunkered down and
sleeping so we didn't bother with identification. It looked like the west
pond was frozen over, but we couldn't tell for sure (the east pond
definitely is). We didn't see the Snowy Owl but it was only 11:30 so no big

While we were sitting there, we noticed wave after wave of Sandhill Cranes
high and to the east. There were flocks of tens and flocks of hundreds.
They'd kettle for a bit, then drift south. Kettle, then drift. Looks like
they've decided to head to warmer climes, though they didn't seem to be in a

On the way we back to Madison we noticed that the south pond on Cty DM was
open. Last week it was frozen over. There were no birds immediately visible.
The north pond is still frozen.

Dave Moffat
Verona, Dane County, WI

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