Date: 12/6/17 7:34 am
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Subject: [NEBirds] Re: Closure of Area 3 at Branched Oak Lake
Area 3 would be the least busy area there much of the year, so I have stopped there. I guess some of those campgrounds are not really my favorites as there is so much traffic in and out. I think area 4 has some interesting habitat by the creek. I recently found I can park right by the main entrance booth at the Liebers point entrance road. From there I check the pines in the winter and there is access to the creek and the pond between areas 2 and 3 with cat tails. I was going to check for wrens there when they arrive in spring.

Birders with binoculars are suspicious in today's world. I was taking a walk around my neighborhood in the St Louis area with two pairs of binoculars, just to test the optics. I was going to return one (sadly, Eagle Optics is now gone). I happened to see bird activity in a back yard. Continued on my way. About 5 minutes later a man in a monster size SUV drove down the street and had to interrogate me (not coming out) about watching him and his family. I just explained the birds and had some kind of field guide to wave at him. I was not about to explain to him that the lighting was such that you can't see inside the rooms through windows in bright sun light.

Careful birding out there,
Esa Jarvi, Lincoln
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