Date: 12/6/17 7:07 am
From: Stephen Mirick <smirick...>
Subject: [NHBirds] More on State line - Seabrook/Salisbury
At the risk of getting in trouble with the great Google Gods, I'm just
going to say it......"GOOGLE IS WRONG"!

The most accurate map to use in a case like this would be a survey map
performed by a licensed surveyor.  Since I don't have one and don't know
if there are any available, you can use either the town of Seabrook Tax
maps or a USGS map.  I reviewed both and they both generally agree and
both prove that the google state line is NOT accurate.

It's funny how often we used USGS maps back when I started birding and
yet these maps are now largely ignored.  You can still find them by
using Cal Topo:

Unfortunately, the old USGS map doesn't show the newer buildings of the
treatment plant.  So I overlayed a Google Aerial Map with a USGS topo
map to show the difference.  The bold black dashed line shown by the
USGS map is correct.  The thin white dashed line shown by Google Maps is
wrong.  The big NUMBER 166 and 167 in the salt marsh are the granite
state line markers and mark THE state line.

Lots of fun!

Steve Mirick
Bradford, MA

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