Date: 12/5/17 6:33 pm
From: Noah Arthur <semirelicta...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...>
Subject: [NEBirds] 'White-winged' Junco on East Campus
My feeding station on UNL East Campus in Lincoln has produced a nice rarity the last couple days, a junco that appears to be a 'WHITE-WINGED' JUNCO. This is a subtle White-winged, with weak wing-bars, but the wing-bars are present. However, to me the most convincing White-winged feature on this bird is the relatively pale but pure, lustrous gray back and head -- lacking the brownish and/or blackish tones of 'Slate-colored' Juncos. The bird also shows noticeable dark lores, with a slight pale eye-ring. 
Photos here:
Being "just" a subspecies, I'm thinking this won't be a chase bird, but just in case anyone wants to take a look... The feeding area is around a stand of shrubs on the west side of the National Agroforestry Center building, viewable from the northeast corner of the large "C" parking lot (commuter student parking) in the middle of East Campus. (Note that non-students can get ticketed and towed for parking here, but viewing is easy from in or next to your car.) I've got seed scattered on the ground (there's also jimmy cracked being put there by somebody else who likes squirrels a lot more than me...), and some finch socks hanging in the shrubs, which are attracting a few goldfinches and House Finches and may or may not be worth checking for other finches. 
For comparison, here are some links to photos on eBird of similar 'White-winged' Juncos with weak wing-bars:,,

Noah Arthur (Oakland, CA/Lincoln, NE)<semirelicta...>
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