Date: 12/5/17 8:56 am
From: 'jennapet1' via NHBirds <nhbirds...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Re: Possible Mew Gull at Front Park (Manchester)
I went down to the park and got some shots of this gull. I then posted to
the Facebook North American Gulls group to get opinions. Most people that
responded feel it is a small billed Ring-billed Gull. They said the coverts
did not match for a Mew Gull.

On Sunday, December 3, 2017 at 1:13:17 PM UTC-5, Jon Woolf wrote:
> I stopped at Front Park in Auburn this morning, just to see what was
> there. Mostly what was there was the usual scattering of Ring-billed
> Gulls, but there was one gull that caught my eye as being possibly
> something else. It was an immature bird, almost certainly first-winter.
> It was noticeably smaller and more slender than the adult Ring-billed
> gulls, and the bill seemed a bit small and straight for a Ring-billed --
> enough so that I wondered if I was looking at a first-cycle Mew Gull. I
> snapped several pictures:
> Then I tried for some comparative Ring-bill shots. My photo archives are
> thin on Ring-billed Gulls, and the ones at Front Park today weren't
> cooperative, but I found a couple that are roughly similar, at least for
> shape and plumage:
> After I got home I looked at both species in *Gulls of the Americas*, but
> couldn't tell for sure; it seems like immature Ring-bill vs Mew is one of
> those "flip a coin" decisions. So what do y'all think? Was this just an
> immature Ring-billed? Or was I looking at a first-cycle Mew Gull?
> -- Jon Woolf
> Manchester, NH

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