Date: 12/4/17 5:19 pm
From: Carol Lambert and/or Jeff Sewell <lambertsewell...>
Subject: [GABO-L] Black-crowned Night-Heron, Clayton County Water Authority--Lake Blalock (Henry Co.), Dec 4, 2017
 Restricted access. permit required. Call 770-603-5603 for permit.
eBird list attached. You will need to walk all the way out the right-hand peninsula and look back to the left and scan the far waterline for the bird.
Jeff and Carol

Jeff Sewell & Carol LambertTucker, GA / DeKalb <Countylambertsewell...>

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Subject: eBird Report - Clayton County Water Authority--Lake Blalock (Henry Co.), Dec 4, 2017

Clayton County Water Authority--Lake Blalock (Henry Co.), Henry, Georgia, US
Dec 4, 2017 1:35 PM - 2:35 PM
Protocol: Traveling
0.4 mile(s)
Comments:    With Carol Lambert.
41 species

Canada Goose  2
Wood Duck  2
Northern Shoveler  4
Gadwall  6
Mallard  25
Green-winged Teal (American)  12
Ring-necked Duck  36
Lesser Scaup  5
Bufflehead  25
Ruddy Duck  40
Pied-billed Grebe  23    Counted each one.
Double-crested Cormorant  250
Great Blue Heron (Blue form)  15
Great Egret  44    Amazing. Counted thru the flock several times. They were perched in the trees near the fishing area.
Black-crowned Night-Heron  1    This species has been at this location since October, I think. Didn't look it up yet. This was an immature bird which we have seen here recently along with one or two adults.
Black Vulture  3
Turkey Vulture  4
Cooper's Hawk  1
Red-tailed Hawk (borealis)  1
American Coot  2
Killdeer  1
Ring-billed Gull  33
Belted Kingfisher  2
Red-bellied Woodpecker  1
Downy Woodpecker  1
Northern Flicker (Yellow-shafted)  1
Blue Jay  2
American Crow  5
Tufted Titmouse  3
Carolina Wren  1
Ruby-crowned Kinglet  1
Eastern Bluebird  2
Hermit Thrush  1
American Robin  1
Northern Mockingbird  3
Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle)  2
Song Sparrow  1
Eastern Towhee  2
Northern Cardinal  2
Red-winged Blackbird  6
Common Grackle  24

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