Date: 12/3/17 4:59 pm
From: Eric Hough <thebirdwhisperer22...>
Subject: Re: [AZNMbirds] Pileated Woodpecker in Catron County, NM
There are a few extralimital eBird reports of Pileated from southwest Kansas (Dodge City) and western Oklahoma, although wanderers from the eastern population would seem to be more expected to show up as a vagrant following wooded river corridors on the Great Plains into eastern New Mexico or eastern Colorado. As of yet, neither NM or CO have any Pileated records. For one to show up in southwest NM, I would think a bird from farther north might be more plausible, especially given the movements of many other montane species further south than usual this fall, presumably due to lack of food resources with drought and widespread wildfires earlier this year. Looking at eBird, the nearest populations of Pileated to the north would be the Yellowstone area of Wyoming or Sawtooth Mountains of southern Idaho. In Arizona there is a hypothetical, unsubstantiated report of one from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon from 1935 (Monson & Phillips 1981) and the Utah Bird Records Committee’s website lists several unsubstantiated sight reports from across the state (a supposed specimen noted by both of the above sources from Bluff, UT in 1892 was apparently mislabeled, according to the UBRC).

White-headed Woodpecker is also thought of as mostly sedentary, yet one was found in the Spring Mountains/Mt. Charleston near Las Vegas, Nevada, east of the nearest population in the southern Sierra Nevada (these locations separated by Death Valley). It would seem a Pileated certainly would be able to cover some ground/air if it was motivated to.

Of course we’ll have to see if this report can actually be substantiated. If you’re in the area and hear or see something resembling Pileated, please take photos or get a recording with your phone (most smartphones have a “voice memos” or similarly named app that comes with the phone…don’t hesitate to use it!).

Eric Hough
Wickenburg, AZ

> On Dec 3, 2017, at 10:00 AM, Lori <lconrad6853...> wrote:
> Hi Wendy; all,
> Has anyone given thought to the fact that both Lineated & Pale-billed Woodpeckers probably occur closer to NM than Pileated does? I think this should be considered as a distinct possibility. Hope someone can find this bird!
> Lori & Mark Conrad
> Portal, AZ
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> Subject: [AZNMbirds] Pileated Woodpecker in Catron County, NM
> On Tuesday of last week, I had a secondhand report of a PILEATED WOODPECKER seen on Saturday, November 25, in Catron County, NM, near the Grant County line. While I did keep my eyes open when driving between Gila Hot Springs and the Gila Cliff Dwellings Nat'l Monument, and spent three hours birding in the Heart Bar WMA one day, I figured it was either a misidentification ( for what, though?) or the bird was long gone.
> Imagine my surprise yesterday when I heard its distintive deep drumming followed by a short call. I looked for the bird for over two hours and again later with no success, although I may have caught it in the background of a photo. It's distant and blurry enough that I'm not sure.
> I then stopped by and talked to the lady who had the original sighting and it looks good. She saw it fairly close, both perched and in flight, and heard it cackle. She seems to know her birds.
> The problem with trying to find it is that there are many dead standing and down trees here due to fire and floods. More birders in the area may mean a higher chance of finding it and getting a photo. I believe this would be the first record for the state.
> Dawn saw it at the Heart Bar WMA. I heard it less than a mile north of her location. I was overlooking the beginning of the Middle Forks Trail just past the Visitor Center for the Gila Cliff Dwellings.
> Please feel free to email me with questions but be patient with replies. Internet access in this area is extremely limited.
> Wendy McCrady
> Gila Hot Springs, NM
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