Date: 12/3/17 3:51 pm
From: Erika Wilson <terika88...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] SEAZ: Sierra Vista EOP--03 Dec 2017
Hi, birders,

Seven people walked the Sierra Vista EOP dikes this morning, counting 67
species by the end of the walk. Nothing unusual today, but a nice spread of
species that find the EOP worth exploiting for food and/or loafing space.

Eleven species of duck included the usual dabblers, but also a pair of
Bufflehead and the first drake Lesser Scaup of the season among the
Ring-necked Ducks. Rampant cattail growth this year is closing off the open
water where ducks, etc. used to gather in good numbers, so counts are
somewhat lower than average.

Virginia Rail and Sora counts were based on vocal birds today--none were
spotted in the open. Big waders included a late White-faced Ibis, several
Great Egrets, and the usual Great Blue Heron, which likes to stand out in
the middle of an adjacent field.

Nice spread of wrens today: Rock Wren (1), House Wren (2), Marsh Wren (5+),
Bewick's Wren (1), and Cactus Wren (2). A flock of Horned Larks, 30 +
strong, were spotted several times, often disappearing immediately when
they landed among the rocks on the dike sides. Ditto for the flock of Am.
Pipits which favored a drying sludge pile.

Sparrow numbers remain very low compared to past years, with Brewer's
Sparrow conspicuously absent. Dapper Green-tailed Towhees were well seen,
along with colorful Yellow-headed Blackbirds and Pyrrhuloxias.

Cheers, Erika Wilson

Erika Wilson, Sierra Vista, AZ

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