Date: 12/3/17 11:07 am
From: Matthew Brown <mattbrownbirds...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] CBC conflict, Tucson Valley vs. Patagonia
The Patagonia Christmas Bird Count has two new volunteers that are
transitioning this year into carrying on the tradition themselves for Abbie
and me in the future. Please bear with us as we work together to hand the
reins over to Patsy VandenBerge and John Hughes. As hard as we try, there
are still bound to be some glitches.

However, they were not responsible for choosing the date this year. In
fact, the Patagonia CBC has been held on the first Thursday of the count
period since 2010, making this the eighth year we've done so (and the date
for the upcoming season was provided to Tucson Audubon officials back on
Sept. 25). We chose to do this after the 2009 count specifically to avoid
conflicting with some of the bigger counts in southern Arizona which seemed
to prefer using the weekends back then, such as Green Valley/Madera Canyon,
Ramsey Canyon, and the Tucson Valley count. This was a risky choice, since
the obvious trade-off is that we may lose people who work during the week
and can't get the day off, but we figured this was the best way to allow
birders in Tucson, Sierra Vista, and Green Valley to participate, at least
those that didn't have to work on Thursdays. This way we could maintain an
early, stable, and predictable count date and week.

We do regret that we conflict with Tucson Valley this year, and recognize
that many counts like to use the same date consistently, rather than day of
the week, but sometimes stuff like this just can't be avoided unless
perhaps the organizers use some sort of pre-season email chain or
conference call to coordinate their proposed dates. Blaming Patsy and/or
John for this year's conflict, as more than one person already has, is
entirely inappropriate.

Matt Brown, future ex-co-coordinator of the Patagonia CBC.

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