Date: 12/2/17 8:09 am
From: Drew Whitelegg <drewwhitelegg1...>
Subject: [GABO-L] Bald Eagles at Peeler Reservoir, Dekalb.
Hi all,
Stan Chapman and I had an exciting visit to Peeler Reservoir, DeKalb
County, this morning. We found two adult BALD EAGLES. What was
potentially significant is that they were showing signs of coupling - we
were both pretty sure they were mating at one point (though both with our
naked eye, so we can't be 100% sure). They perched very close together in
a tree for at least 30 minutes, pecking at each other. Stan and I both
thought it possible that they could begin nesting there.

Stan has photos, and I can give the exact location, but I wanted to be a
little sensitive in case they do start nesting.

There was also a COMMON LOON and nine RINGED-BILL GULLS.

Drew Whitelegg
DeKalb Co.

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