Date: 12/1/17 11:02 am
From: William Pixler <pillwixler...>
Subject: [GABO-L] Fulton Co. Azalea Boardwalk Clay-colored Sparrow (PROBABLY) and Sedge Wren (DEFINITELY) Continue
I believe I found the Clay-colored sparrow in the same area originally
reported by Nathan Farnau yesterday at about 11:30 on the Azalea Park
Boardwalk between Azalea & Willeo roads.

I say PROBABLY in the my email subject line because I never got a
satisfactory look at the bird and I'm not familiar enough with the
clay-colored to come on GABO spouting off that I'm 100% confident with
a positive ID from the looks I got - it was always facing away from me
except for a brief few seconds where its entire face was blocked by
foliage (didn't get to see the whole crown of the head, cheek, or
eyeline)...But the coloration on it's head was brown, not the rich
chestnut of a chipping and overall it was very clean looking with
bright white breast & belly and a less richly colored back/wings. But,
given the exact location & Nathan's report yesterday (power of
suggestion, blah blah blah) and the general shape, color, and behavior
of the bird I believe it to be the same bird and want to get word out
in hopes that someone else can find it in the same spot too.

I first found the bird fairly close to the boardwalk near the metal
bridge (about 20 feet off the boardwalk, away from the river side)
fairly soon after arriving at the observation deck with the bench. It
was chased off by a swamp sparrow and perched in a leafless tree
between the observation deck
and metal bridge. I lost sight of it as I walked over to the tree for
a better look, but I'm certain it flew in the general area just north
of the observation deck. I stayed and walked back and forth between
the bridge and observation deck deck for about an hour afterwards
hoping for more looks and a picture, but was not able to relocate the
sparrow again.

The silver lining of waiting around that long was that the SEDGE WREN
Nathan also reported yesterday did vocalize a few times before I left
- heard right off the observation deck somewhere in the only shrub
with green leaves.

Will Pixler

William K Pixler

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