Date: 12/1/17 6:22 am
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Subject: Re: Wilson's Plover at west Shackleford Banks, NC
John, just wanted to say I really like your posts. I like how you weave history and ecological context reflecting your long experience into your posts. Instead of just reporting what you saw. Keep it up.

J. Merrill Lynch
Conservation Biologist
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Watauga County, NC
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> On Dec 1, 2017, at 7:45 AM, John Fussell <jofuss...> wrote:
> On Thursday, Donna Goodwin and I spent much of the day covering the west end of Shackleford Banks. We walked from the ferry drop-off at the inlet down the sound shoreline to the vicinity of the old cemetery, then over to the ocean beach, and then back to the inlet.
> Among the shorebirds that were on the sound-side spit near the inlet in the afternoon when the tide was rising was a Wilson's Plover. Most winters there is one or two of these in the Beaufort Inlet area, but they are scarce enough that it is always fun to find one at this season.
> We saw few raptors, but we did have a Bald Eagle (which took a Laughing Gull with an injured wing), a Peregrine, and a Merlin.
> Marsh birds in the Mullet Pond cattail marsh were vocal, certainly because of the warm, calm conditions. We heard a King Rail, Virginia Rails, Soras, and a Common Gallinule--not bad for an isolated little freshwater marsh.
> With the warm, calm conditions, landbird activity was anemic and the ocean (except for the large number of Laughing Gulls) was very dull. Laughing Gulls are super-abundant now--I assume because of the large numbers of shrimp trawlers that are working the area.
> At the west end of Shackleford, there is a jetty built in 1894 that points toward the inlet, but because of past accretion has been back up in the dunes for at least many decades (maybe close to a century?). Because of a recent shifting of the inlet eastward, with dramatic erosion on the Shackleford Banks side, the very tip of the jetty is now in the inlet again.
> John Fussell
> Morehead City, NC
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