Date: 11/30/17 1:21 pm
From: Andrew Core <andrewcore...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] se AZ: Marana bishop
Today at Crossroads District Park in Marana I found a bishop - no, this is
not about the new bishop being installed by the Tucson diocese, but
something more exotic. This one was probably a female Northern Red Bishop,
which is an African species of weaver.

You can see pix of it here:

It is listed under "passerine sp." until I figure out what to do with it. I
first saw it on Nov 15 but didn't get a good look at it; I refound it Nov
16 and got some pix then.

The specific spot I've seen it is in the southern culvert (the one full of
weeds) south of the ball fields. Best views have been from the west edge of
the multi-use path along the river.

It's hard to say where this bird came from; Keith Kamper told me he saw one
near Ina Rd (a mile south) a few years back. I doubt there's a breeding
colony along this stretch of the river, but it's something to be aware of.
There was a colony in Phoenix that persisted for several years in the late
1990s, and the species is well established in Southern California.

A few references (this species used to be called Orange Bishop):

AZFO seems to be down at the moment but will hopefully be up again soon.

good birding-
Andrew Core
Tucson, AZ

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