Date: 11/30/17 7:07 am
From: James Watson (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Late Purple Gallinule, Donnelley WMA, Green Pond, SC; Bear Island Swans
Yesterday afternoon Pamela Ford found a juvenile Purple Gallinule in the
wetland behind the Donnelley WMA office in Colleton County, SC. This is
the usual place where Purple Gallinules are observed, but this is a very
late date for this bird. The bird came up rare on eBird and we described
the bird as best we could, but we could not get a photograph, so if any of
you are going that way, please be aware that there is a juvenile Purple
Gallinule waiting to be photographed and documented. We attempted several
times to photograph the bird, but we were also careful to view the bird and
take good field notes for eBird documentation. The bird kept moving in and
out of the emergent vegetation making it difficult to photograph. The bird
appeared identical to the juvenile depicted in Sibley. We had 64 species
at Donnelley in just a few hours.

Tundra Swans have returned to Bear Island and approximately 40 were in
Mary's Pond at the entrance to Bear Island WMA, along with some Canada
Geese and one Mute Swan. - Donnelley WMA - Mary's Pond, Bear Island


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Craig Watson

Mount Pleasant, SC

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