Date: 11/30/17 5:25 am
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Subject: [Arlington Birds] Avian Coloration: An Art and Science Workshop at the Harvard Museum of Natural History
Hi Everyone,

I wanted to let you know about a workshop I’m co-teaching at the Harvard Museum of Natural History on February 3: Avian Coloration: An Art and Science Workshop. We’ve offered something similar a couple of times before and it’s been a lot of fun, with a lot of birders participating. It’s a chance to learn about some of the current science on bird feather coloration from a Harvard scientist, get close to some wonderful museum specimens, and take the time to really look closely using drawing as a tool to see and learn more. These classes tend to fill quickly, so I wanted to get the word out now.

The world of birds is full of diverse feather colors that combine to form amazing plumage patterns-- from neon yellow to somber black. How and why do birds achieve these decorative feats? Beginning with a microscopic look at feathers and expanding out to a broad perspective of patterns across bird families, Harvard University graduate student Dakota McCoy will use feather and bird specimens from the University's collections to explore how and why this diversity of forms arose. Artist Erica Beade will show participants how to capture the nuance of avian color and form in their drawings.

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