Date: 11/29/17 8:26 pm
From: Jay Miller <arizonajay23...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] CEAZ: Miller House of Mesa - Ruddy Ground-Dove still, 11-29.
The Ruddy Ground-Dove here seems happy, day 8. I think it's a young male. It's very aggressive to Inca Doves, many attacks, I mean very silly and entertaining! Lots of photos including a few of it sizing-up an Inca Dove then jumping over a Mourning Dove to get to it.

I did see the/a adult Sharp-shinned Hawk fly from my backyard this afternoon. I saw an adult on two different days in the last month miss catching Inca Doves back to back, like within ten minutes of each. All four times the hawk was within inches, 100' or so after flushing them from bushes/small trees. I was sure each time it was going to succeed, I've seen this work. I'm thinking that perhaps it is the old one that I felt has returned a few Winters now and it just isn't as strong. I've seen a lot of kills and most kills I see the birds are so surprised there isn't much of a chase if at all. A lot of the time the bird doesn't even move hoping not to be seen and is caught right there. I have seen the Sharpie perched up very close and can't see anything wrong with "him".

Good Birding!!

Jay Miller
Mesa, Az
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