Date: 11/28/17 12:06 pm
From: Cherrie Sneed (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: BandedOrioles_YellowThroatedWarbler_MeggettSC_Chas.CO
Hi Birders,

An interesting flurry of birds brought some nice ones to the deck feeders
in my yard. Two were banded Baltimore Orioles. These Orioles would have
been banded in the winter of 2015 or earlier by Lex Glover or Aaron
Givens. During the winter of 2015 a Yellow-throated Warbler was trapped in
the oriole feeder and banded by Aaron. It has come back for its 3rd winter
season. I suspect it is the much older bird that has been photographed at
my winter feeders since the winter of 2010.

Jelly and suet feeders in my yard attract many birds including both
Baltimore and Orchard Orioles and many warblers, including Yellow-throated,
Orange-crowned (seen today), Pine, Prothonatary, Northern Parula,
Yellow-rumped, and probably some others I'm not thinking of. The suet and
jelly attract many other birds including most woodpeckers.

Here is today's checklist:


*Cherrie & Dan Sneed*
Meggett, SC
St. Paul's Parish
Southern Coastal Charleston County
Robbinsville, NC
Snowbird Mountains
Graham County

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