Date: 11/28/17 8:48 am
From: Warren Trested <warren.trested...>
Subject: [NHBirds] YT Warbler still there 11/27 w/ great photo op
I went looking for the Yellow-throated Warbler yesterday afternoon and was
hoping to get some help via other birders (there's a lot of pine trees
there). Odiorne was quite devoid of anybody. Took a pass around the science
center bunker, but nothing. Headed to the coastal pines and spotted a
couple looking excitedly up into one of the isolated pines. (My first lucky
break - a Thanks to them!) Turned out to be the Cape May, but as we were
chatting, the Yellow-throated suddenly appeared at the end of a branch and
stayed visible for some nice views and photos. It then "disappeared" into
the dense core of branches and was no longer visible even though it never
left the tree. After I spent time attempting photos of the Cape May Warbler
(was in what I've learned is its favorite tree) and some Golden-crowned
Kinglets, I went back to the YT's tree and (second lucky break) it flew to
one of the adjacent short pine trees where it gave me 10 seconds for a few
very decent photos. I've posted them on my web site here:

Lots of fun.
Warren Trested

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