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Subject: Re: [NEBirds] Glaucous Gull in Burt County

From long years of experience in such matters, I'm sure it's both.

Bill Kaempfer
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Do you know on which side of the river the gull was seen? Nebraska pushes into Iowa around the location,

Also, how does one access that area? There are few roads and I also have no idea how to locate river mile makers.

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Paul O. Roisen
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One of my coworkers from the Army Corps of Engineers sent me pictures of an adult Glaucous Gull he photographed today while working on the Missouri River, south of Decatur, in Burt County. It was about 3-5 miles downstream of Decatur, or between river miles 686 and 687. According to him, it hung out on the revetment rocks all day while he worked in the area.

Sam Manning

Omaha, Douglas County, NE

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