Date: 11/26/17 4:18 am
From: 'Andrea' via NHBirds <nhbirds...>
Subject: [NHBirds] PACIFIC LOON - Pulpit Rocks (yesterday)
Andrea and George Robbins, Becky Suomala and Zeke Cornell
observed a PACIFIC LOON off of Pulpit Rocks in Rye, yesterday morning.

It was watched and studied in heavy swells for half an hour.

The bird was first spotted and was repeatedly relocated because of its very dark (black), high contrast of cap, hindneck and body with white throat and chest.

No lightness of hindneck or throat strap were observed (these are not required features. )

Common Loon was ruled out because Pacific Loon was obviously smaller (Common Eider size), had a shorter body, head was nicely rounded rather than angular, bill was shorter and thinner, color was darker than winter Common, Loon. Sharp demarcation of dark markings down neck had no indentations.

Red-throated Loon was ruled out because of very dark coloration (Red-throat is lighter than Common loon), and headset and bill were constantly held horizontally, never uptilted like Red-throats.

Red-necked Grebe was ruled out because of the nice curve of dome and neck,
which were not angular nor flat-topped like Red-necked Grebe.
Not grebe at all because of long body/ short neck vs short body/long neck of grebes.

Unfortunately it vanished before several other hopeful birders were able to see it.

Andrea and Zeke took nearly sixty digiscope attempts (collectively), but the wave action resulted in all but one poor shot.

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