Date: 11/24/17 6:31 pm
From: Bill & Condit <blotz...>
Subject: [GABO-L] Burrowing Owl Today - Miller Co.

Today around two-thirty Pierre Howard, Dan Vickers & I ran into Wayne
Schaffner and Kathy Miller, who showed us a Burrowing Owl that a land owner
had recently told Wayne about. This bird is roosting in an armadillo burrow
on Three Notch Rd. exactly 0.37 mile south of the intersection with Grimsley
Bridge Rd. The property owner, Mr. David Bean, reported seeing a BUOW at
this same location almost exactly one year ago. He was able to get
diagnostic photos of the bird at that time but the bird did not stay around
long enough for others to see it. Wayne submitted a report to the Georgia
Checklist Committee on the owners behalf last year. Wayne has gotten to
know Mr. Bean because Wayne found a Say's Phoebe at the intersection of
Three Notch and Grimsley Bridge Rd. last year. Wayne asked Mr. Bean to let
him know if the owl returned this winter and received a call from him about
10 days ago. Wayne was able to get down and observe and photograph the bird
at dusk perched on a fence post near the roosting site.

Mr. Bean is very concerned that this bird should not be disturbed in any way
and has agreed for us to disclose the location with the provision that the
following rules be followed:

He has placed a pink flag 0.1 mile north of the roosting site and another
0.1 mile south of the site. Please do NOT get out of your vehicle and walk
around between the two pink flags.

If you drive slowly along Three Notch Rd. and look to your left as you head
south from Grimsley Bridge Rd. you will see the armadillo burrow on your
left. We were able to see the owl both down in the burrow and just outside
the burrow this afternoon. It is no more than 20 feet from the roadway and
is under a barbed-wire fence.

If you do not see the bird you should plan to stay until dusk and try to
scope the bird from a pull-off south of the burrow and just north of the
pink flag that is on the fence on your right. Wayne texted us that he
observed the BUOW leave the burrow and perch on a fence post next to the
burrow at 6:09 this evening.

If you arrive in the daytime you can look for one, possibly two, Say's
Phoebes and a male Vermilion Flycatcher on Mr. Bean's property near the farm
equipment at the corner of Grimsley Bridge and Three Notch Rds.

BTW, this is the 300th bird that Dan has photographed in Georgia this year.
This is a remarkable achievement! Congrats to Dan.

Good luck to all,

Bill Lotz


Fulton County

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