Date: 11/24/17 2:19 pm
From: Joshua Spence <spencejoshua...>
Subject: [GABO-L] American Bittern - Gordon County
Today, while scouting for the Carters Lake CBC in the Dews Pond section of the circle(Gordon County), I flushed an AMERICAN BITTERN from the brushy shoreline of the Dews Pond backwater slough. The bird was about 5' from me, but I didn't see until it flushed. It flew out approximately 50' , dropped down in a loosestrife marsh, and immediately began the "swaying reeds" routine. This is the latest I've ever had this species in north GA. The Annotated Checklist has a printed late transient date of November 10, 1986.

58 species in all. Other highlights:

Bald Eagle - adult
Sharp-shinned Hawk
Red-headed Woodpecker
House Wren - 2
Sedge Wren
Common Yellowthroat - 3
Rusty Blackbird - 55

Joshua Spence,

Murray County

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